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The Cabbage Soup Diet

Day One
- Eat fruit except for bananas
- Only drink unsweetened tea, black coffee, water and cranberry juice.
- Eat as much cabbage soup as you like.

Day Two

Blood Type Diet

Has anyone done the Blood Type Diet and found success?

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What do you think of low carb diets now?

Low carb has been the big diet of the past couple of years. But have you tried it, did it work for you, and would you do it again?

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Does the "Fast Track" Liver Detox work?

Has anyone tried the "Fast Track" Liver Detox (by Ann Louise Gittleman)? Can someone try this detox and tell me if it works?

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Insane celebrity diets - do they work?

I hear about a new celebrity diet every week, in fact the magazines are chock full of them! So what are the details of these diets, how can we follow them, and do they actually work?!!

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