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Easy Ways to Fitness

Fitness is one of the most overlooked areas of our modern day life, yet fitness is also one of the most crucial areas to our quality of life. Yet it seems no matter how much we are told about it, we still don't get fitness. Fitness is as important as not smoking, or eating oily fish twice a week. Fitness is essential for good health and wellbeing.

Fitness doesn't have to be a gym workout or a jog around your local stadium. In fact, fitness can be classified as any time you are moving around. So you can begin to see, it isn't that hard to incorporate fitness into your life.

The first key to fitness is you have to enjoy it. "This is crucial", says Benn from Betalife. "Most people's downfall with fitness begins with this."

Instead, Betalife suggests to get the most from fitness, you should find a way to make it fun. So if you live near a beach, try waking along that for general fitness. If your kids love to play football at the park, join in! Call up a friend who plays tennis, and ask them if you could come along and have a hit. Any time you can see a way to get a bit more fitness, take the opportunity. It all helps.

All of these forms of fitness will contribute greatly to your health. And you may even find yourself having a good time.

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Best Value Exercise Equipment

From the many types of exercise equipment available, I’m sure we all have our fair share hidden in the garage. Whether it is the latest ab sliding swing or a whole gym that can fold under your bed, it is easy to think a piece of exercise equipment can get you in shape.

What many people don’t realise is they could save a great deal of money on exercise equipment if they got it right from the start. The number one reason for unused exercise equipment is lack of motivation. It seems our motivation levels peak at the time of your exercise equipment purchase and drop rapidly from there!

One of the best solutions to this problem is to follow some key psychological strategies to increase and maintain motivation levels. One Program that incorporates all these strategies is the Betalife Program. The combination of psychology and motivation will not only get you more use from your exercise equipment, but it could quite likely change your life! The Program will also guide you on foods to increase energy and keep you vital.

So before your next exercise equipment purchase check your motivation levels. By making sure you are going to get good use from your exercise equipment you will be getting the most from your dollar and your health.

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Easy ways to Exercise

Exercise does not have to be a dirty word. It can actually be something that adds to your life and makes you mentally and physically get more out of life. Your approach to exercise is the key to gaining the most from an exercise routine.

For many people an exercise routine lasts only a week. It takes the smallest excuse and the exercise program gets put on hold. If you are meant to jog or go for a walk the weather will be a problem, too hot or too cold. Maybe you can't find time for the gym today, but you promise you will get some exercise tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and goes and the exercise routine goes out the window.

To combat these problems you need a special approach to exercise. If you are not motivated for exercise or properly prepared then you will run into problems.

Gaining motivation and clarity of your goals is best done by following the Betalife Program. The Program prepares you for exercise, so that you both enjoy it and continue with the exercise program. You can be prepared for what type of exercise is suitable for you and how to approach it for success.

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Enjoy Your Fruits and Vegetables!

Last summer, a lady called me about her frustrating attempts at weight loss. She said she had gone from diet to diet for over 25 years...only to end up fatter and with a slower metabolism after each 'diet'. We talked for a long time, but the gist of it was this; I told her to 'dump the diets' and start focusing on pursuing fitness and health. We talked about a few fruits and vegetables
she really liked. We talked about all the benefits we get from fruits and vegetables and how we forget how good they really taste...because we're bombarded with fat-laden foods day after day.

She mentioned that she reeeeeally liked tomatoes... which also happens to be a favourite of mine. I mean I'm a tomato fanatic. I absolutely love them! I grow several varieties in my backyard and several types of cherry tomatoes indoors when it's too cold outside! So, we had quite a conversation about tomatoes.

We talked about her focusing her eating on some fruits and vegetables she really liked and doing some creative things with tomatoes. I also told her to start walking EVERY morning...even if it was only 10 or 15 minutes some
mornings, but to try to get 30 to 45 minutes in every day. I also told her to do a basic weight training program at home with dumbells.

Well, I hadn't heard from her in nine months and she called me last week. She's lost 22 kilogram in nine months. She said she focused on some fruits and vegetables she likes, but went crazy with fresh tomatoes. She used over
10 healthy recipes that use lots of tomatoes...she even ate tomato hash browns (without oil) and tomato sandwiches for breakfast sometimes! She was so excited and said she has never felt so good in her life!

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The Best Diet Food

So what's for dinner at your house tonight…fish and salad, chicken stir-fry or steak and vegies? These are the options facing many families as they come home from a long, weary day at work, yet now added to these choices you may find a frozen lasagne or simply a milkshake. Diet milkshake that is.

It seems diet food is one of the latest weight loss methods people are choosing to overcome the rising obesity levels. Yet to those of us who have tried the diet foods, you would have to wonder why we would chose to substitute a healthy, regular meal with diet food.

The biggest reason people will eat this diet food has nothing to do with taste. It is an unhealthy desire to lose weight at all costs, with minimum effort. The simple convenience of grabbing the diet food from the kitchen already prepared is too tempting for many. Unfortunately, so is the snack food they turn to an hour later, as they crave 'real food'.

Unless the body has received adequate nutrition, you will keep craving food. The Betalife Program dispels the need for any kind of diet food. They recommend you always eat a good meal, which will not only give you the nutrition you require, but also satisfy your desire to eat.

Diet foods have also infiltrated the supermarket shelves, causing more damage than we realise. These diet foods are often filled with artificial sweeteners, excess sugars or other undesirable additives in order to call them 'diet foods'. Diet food is also usually a little heavier on the wallet!

We have placed so much emphasis on diet food and calorie restriction in this country, yet we are still to understand the basics of nutrition. Instead of reaching for the milkshake for dinner, leave the diet foods behind. The fish and salad will be a much better option. As they say, mother nature knows best.

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