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Weight Loss Myths

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So many people are on diets, but it seems whether they are counting grams of fat and calories, popping pills, or eating special meals, they all end up with the same result - frustration! The question is, if we are all dieting, how come as a nation we are getting fatter and fatter. Dieting simply does not work. Over 95% of people that go on a diet will end up putting the weight back on, often plus a bit more! People think it is a lack of willpower, when it is really a lack of knowledge. The Betalife Program will empower you to take control of your weight.

Weigh Ins

If you go for the weekly weigh in, think twice about the next one. A recent study has shown that tracking kilograms is not only a source of frequent depression, but can lead to binge eating. Measuring kilos or pounds is misleading as if does not take into account the variation in fat and muscle. Replacing fat with muscle is an excellent weight loss result, but may not even show up on the scales! A far better method of tracking your results is with a tape measure, giving accurate and real results.

Fat is Bad

One of the worst things to come out of the general weight loss industry in the last decade is the focus on fat. The reality is some fats are good for you, and essential in a healthy body. Unfortunately we have been misled into reducing all fats in our diet, not a good thing for our health. The Betalife Program can give you details of the good and bad fats. A small hint now is that the fat in avocado is good for you - enjoy them!

Calorie Counting

Beware the calorie counters! Not only will they bore you to death over lunch adding up points before they can give their body sustenance, but they often have no energy to get the most out of life. The reason for this is simple. A calorie is a unit of energy. If you only have 1200 calories per day, you only have 1200 calories of energy to burn. No wonder you don't feel like doing exercise! The Betalife weight loss program will help you find a way of getting more energy from your food, not the other way around.


For most people guilt is a way of life. You know you shouldn't eat the chocolate, but you do, then you feel guilty. As a child you are rewarded and punished with food. If you are good, you get a snack. If you are bad, you miss out on dessert. This is how comfort foods are created. At a subconscious level, it brings back those good feelings you had in childhood. When you feel down as an adult you reach for the chocolate and chips. They make you feel better for a short while, until the guilt sets in. The guilt leads to... you guessed it, more comfort foods. It is a catch 22. The Betalife Program will help you overcome these obstacles.

Frozen Food

There are a few companies selling expensive frozen meals. They are calorie controlled (see above), but have little nutritional value. They might be simple, but once they are frozen and nuked in the microwave you might as well eat some packets they came in. So many people have told me they have no energy when on frozen food diets, and even if they do lose weight they put it back on as soon as they stop getting the meals.