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The Weight Watchers Fact File

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As the battle against the bulge intensifies, people are turning to professionals for help to watch their weight. One of the most used methods is Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers are now guiding people away from counting calories and fat, and have instead done it all for them. Their points system allows the client to know which foods Weight Watchers consider a good food, and which ones they recommend people stay clear of. The choice of foods then comes down to the individual, as long as they stick to the amount of points given to them by their Weight Watchers consultant.

Another weight loss company called Betalife is taking a very different approach to Weight Watchers. They look at a few carbohydrates that may be causing the rise in obesity. These "bad carbs" are often even low in fat, yet the reaction they have on our body isn't good. The other difference to Weight Watchers is that Betalife really try to increase people's daily food intake, believing that food restriction has a negative effect on them.

Whatever method you choose - frozen meal plans, the Weight Watchers system, Betalife's holistic approach or the latest Hollywood diet, just remember a few things. Exercise, moderation and happiness. You can't achieve weight loss without them.


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Bad experience with weight watchers

Did anyone else try weight watchers? I did quite a while a go, and it deifnitely wasnt a great experince. I actually felt humilated by doing it, never felt like I was good enough. One week I put on 2.7kg, and I swear, everyone made me feel so bad. And it was my birthday a couple of days before, but no-one cared. So the next week I made sure I didnt wear a lot of clothes and tried to starve myself before my weigh in, and then my mum was like, who are you trying to please here? Realised I was screwing up my body for the sake of some chick who didn't even look thin anyway!

Sorry if someone else has found it good, I have heard a few people who it suits but personally, I think life is too short to not enjoy my own birthdays!


I never went to the meetings

I never went to the meetings but my mother-in-law who went bought me all the books and tools required for me to do it at home. I got a small group of friends to do it aswell so you are comparing and sharing with friends not strangers and you never felt embarrassed or that you were not good enough. So if you can manage at home- do it! We very rarely got together because we all have kids so the internet was handy to keep in touch that way.

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Internet is best way to lose weight

I totally agree Linda, the internet is the best way to keep on top of weight loss. It is so easy, like this website for example ;) I like being able to talk with different people about what they do to lose weight, because most of my family and friends are (bless them) not very good examples for me!

Online weight loss is the best

I'm the same, don't want to go anywhere because I'm too busy and have found the internet is the best. I think it's good to get ideas from everyone (like all your wonderful advice you have already shared with me!) and it's nice to see if you can help others out too.

I like not being restricted to one idea too, so if I can take a bit from weight watchers and a bit from another diet then I think I am getting the best of everything. Linda, you are lucky to have good supportive friends. I'm more like you Angelic, haven't got good influences around me and they are at the stage where they are telling me I'm getting too thin but it's just cause they don't want me to look better than they do! Luckily I have worked that out, so won't let them sabotage me.