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Can you drink to much water when trying to lose weight? I have a 600ml bottle on my desk and drink about 5 of those a day + 1 bottle on the way to work and then water with dinner??


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How much water to drink when trying to lose weight

There is an article on here called "Water - Keep Your Body Running Smoothly". I found it again by just doing a search for water on the top right. It recommends 8 glasses of water daily, plus an additional 1 glass for every 15 kilogram overweight.

This sounds about right, I drink about 2L of water per day plus a warm water in the morning and a herbal tea, so would be about 2 and a half. Plus you should get quite a bit of water from your food as well.

So I think if you feel like you need that much, it shouldn't be a problem. But if you are forcing it down, maybe cut back just a bit.

Good luck!

Generally speaking the more

Generally speaking the more water you can have the better off you are. The key is having it consistently throughout the day.


For many years we have been told how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day. Recent studies comparing a person who drank no or little water to one who drank the recommended amount a day seemed to show no difference. It doesn't mean that you wouldn't be a healthier person for drinking water - but you would most likely be better hydrated.

There is such thing as drinking too much water. Too much water can be harmful. Best to just make it your main source of rehydration. Generally the two litre a day rule is best - which can be taken in the form of a diet cordial or herb teas. If you experience fluid retention, have a couple of peppermint teas a day, which should alleviate this.

water is the major soure for

water is the major soure for a healthy body.The more uyou intake the water content the more heatlthy will be the funtioning of the body.So it is necessary for every person to take atleast 2litres of water per day.
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