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Surviving the Silly Season

This time of the year can cause everyone's weight loss plan to blow out, so I thought it would be great for everyone to share their tips on surviving the silly season! Here are my tips, but would love to hear some other ideas as I always seem to end up a couple of kilos heavier regardless!

My tips for avoiding putting on weight over Christmas season are:

- Drink plenty of water in between my sips of bubbly.
- Make sure I have had good food before I go out (I still want to eat at a party, but just don't want to gorge myself in the first half an hour on the cheese and dips).
- I also try to boost my exercise, by walking for an extra 15 minutes everyday. If I can make that more, I will, otherwise, will also try to find hills or stairs to increase the intensity.

My first Christmas party is tomorrow night, wish me luck!