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Anyone have any good tips for getting rid of cellulite?

Does anyone have any tips for getting rid of cellulite? I have lost about 10kgs this year, but I haven't noticed any difference in my orange peel thighs! Any advice would be greatly appreciated, especially in the lead up to summer. Thanks!


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The cure for cellulite problems

There is one cure for cellulite and that is diet. You have to eat better and cut out the crap from your diet. It is the bad foods like carbs that causes cellulite. There are absolutely no creams or pills you can take to get rid of it, so message is to fix your thighs watch what you put in your mouth.

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I think you are right about the cure for cellulite

I think you are right - I think there are absolutely no FDA (the US Federal drug administration) approved supplements or creams to remove cellulite. I am sure if anything did work it would be approved by them... and we probably would need to be having this conversation. =))

Carbs, hormones and cellulite

You are right about the carbs too. Hormones play a big role in cellulite, especially estrogen - which is why it usually only effects women. Another hormone that plays a role is insulin, which is directly effected by the foods you eat, especially carbohydrates.

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Does skin brushing help get rid of cellulite?

I have one of those brushes that are supposed to get rid of cellulite, but never seem to get around to using it! Has anyone done it and seen results? I think the discipline of using it every day is a bit much for me to fit in, but then again, if the results are that good I would try it. But very interesting about the carbs, they never tell you these things in the beauty sections, everyone always seems to be flogging one of those products that doesn't even work!

Getting rid of cellulite

Skin brushing will definitely benefit you, as it helps to stimulate the circulation in the area and increases the lymphatic drainage to get rid of the toxins that can cause cellulite. Remember to brush from the bottom of your legs upwards, in firm, long strokes. The thighs can get some extra attention, so do this by brushing in a circular motion, but make sure you go clockwise. Don't overdo it though, it won't make it go away quicker! The best time to do it is before your shower in the morning.

But also remember that exercise is also increasing the circulation in the area and helping your body get rid of toxins, so definitely combine the brushing with a healthy diet and exercise.

Other cures you can try along with diet

Your right about the diet but I found deep massage helped- I was told once that there are two types of cellulite- deep and surface. To "losen" the deep cellulite you need to massage it and drink extra water. You reduce the surface cellulite by exersice and diet. I massage the "saddle bag" area once a month and I find it keeps it away!

I also had a friend who went on a yeast free diet for two weeks and never changed anything else in her diet and she noticed a huge reduction in the appearance and size of her cullulite. She increased her water intake slightly also.

Hope either of these work!

Thankyou everyone for advice on getting rid of cellulite!

Thanks to everyone who replied here, I'm sure it's a big help to others as well! I must say I have been tempted by the creams that promise you results before, but never got anywhere with them.

Think I might still eat too much white bread, which would account for too many carbs AND the yeast tip! So will cut back on that, drink more water, start exercising more, buy myself a brush and start massaging and let you all know how I go - fantastic, thanks again everyone!

Just one more question for Linda, do you think I should massage more regularly in the beginning to shift it, then once a month just for maintenance? How long would you spend doing it? Thanks again!

Cellulite treatments

Congratulations to weight loss help - it seems like all the advice given on this website is sensible and most importantly, effective. I also agree with all of these points on cellulite treatments. You will be surprised at the results if you work at all of those areas consistently. Good luck ladies!

The Cellulite Diet - it works!

For all those struggling with cellulite, read this advice! I have taken onboard all of the comments about getting rid of cellulite, and I'm happy to say it's working! I'm so excited!! Thank you to everyone for your hints, I really do appreciate it. I even booked myself in and had a proper massage, which was wonderful :)

It's been about a month now, so hopefully by the time summer arrives I will be proud to be walking around at the beach, and may even buy myself some shorter shorts! Thanks again.

Make a paste using ground

Make a paste using ground coffee beans and a little water, scrub this in a circular motion on the cellulite affected areas, the caffeine helps to stimulate and break down the fat cells.

Lymphatic drainage massage can also help push out any build up of toxins in cellulite affected areas.

Also, if you smoke - give it the flick!