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What do you think of low carb diets now?

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Low carb has been the big diet of the past couple of years. But have you tried it, did it work for you, and would you do it again?

Low-carbohydrate diets or "low-carb" diets are diets that restrict the carbohydrate portion of your food, often for increases in protein and fat. It was Dr Atkins "Atkins diet" that started the craze, and a whole range of diets have developed from these principles.

Many celebrities followed low carb diets, which helped increase their popularity. Many products have also jumped on the bandwagon, with low carb and no carb products now prominently displayed on supermarket shelves.

Low carb has been very controversial though, with many health professionals warning against them because of increases in harmful fats and increase risk of heart disease.

So do you still swear by low-carb, or do you indulge in your burgers and fries? Type below to let us know what you think, no registration required!


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Low carb is the key, not atkins

I think it's more sensible to follow a low carb diet, not a "no carb" diet like Atkins. I mean, who wants to live without pizza for the rest of their lives??? But I do think that eating too many carbs isn't good for weight loss. I know that if I want to flatten my stomach in a couple of days, I will always stear clear of things like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, I don't care whether anyone says it works or it doesn't, because I know it works. Maybe its more like losing the bloating beacuse I react to them, I'm not sure, but I achieve the result so I'm happy!

Why i gave up Atkins diet

I gave up Atkins cause it gave me bad breath, plus my doctor said its not good for your heart. I lost a bit of weight on it, but it came back now :( Dont think i would do the diet again.

Betalife's approach to carbs was great

I have just come across Weight Loss Help website while I was looking up exercise equipment, and can see that betalife is talked about here. I can definitely say that their approach was so much better than atkins or even south beach. So if anyone still wants to be able to eat carbs but know how to achieve weight loss at the same time, I can definitely recommend Betalife. Will try to come back and have another look around and share any advice I can. I've now maintained my goal weight for 1 year so feel like I have definitely mastered it all now! So never give up guys, it's so worth the effort.

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I just couldn't stick to Atkins

Hi everyone! I totally agree about all the comments, Atkins just wasn't healthy for our bodies or our minds. I tried it like everyone else, and found it was amazing for the first 2 weeks but then in the next 2 weeks I put all that weight back on plus another 2 kgs! Whoops! And I must say, I don't like the idea of putting my body into ketosis, it just doesn't sound healthy. I never tried South Beach Diet, is that the one Bill and Hilary Clinton did? The other one that people are still doing that is low carb/high protein is the CSIRO diet. Has anyone done that one?


I did it for a while, but didn't end up sticking to it. It's true, they do get you to eat a lot of meat and I just found that made me feel uncomfortable. It probably made me more uncomforatble though when I found out that the funding for their research came from Meat and Livestock Australia! Oh well, guess that's how life works.

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet is great for weight loss, but the best way to benefit from it is to just take the basic principle and adapt it to a normal life. So I guess try to make it "low carb" instead of "no carb".

For example, I only have pasta about once a week, I eat about 10 slices of bread the whole week (compared to more like 10 a day before!!!) and for most of my meals, I like to just have protein and salad. The only thing that I still think will benefit me rather than make me put on weight is my muesli. I put heaps of dried fruit and nuts in it, and it's not only delicious but is also a great source of fibre.

So for me, I still use some of the principles, but am definitely not paranoid about carbs like they want you to be!

Low Carb Diet

Low carb diets are still popular, simply because they work. I will never go back to eating lots of bread, pasta, potatoes or rice, although I am not paranoid about them either. I still eat pizza occasionally (mainly because my boyfriend orders it) but try to stick to protein and vegetables for most of my meals. It's the only way to get a flat stomach.