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The new Weight Loss Help website is off and running, and we have worked through most of the kinks. Now we want your feedback on what we can improve on!

Please list anything here in the comments that you think could improve the Weight Loss Help website, or anything you found that is not working.

You can post anonymously, so just click "add comment" to get started.


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A rating would be good so you can rate each question and answer. Then the best ones are shown on the home page.

Nice idea for a website anyway, i hope people start to use it and it would be even better.


How about some prizes - that will get people posting. That's what i'm talking bout!!!!!

And smilies!!!!! :)))))

Some secrets about weight loss

Some answers to some burning questions, like what is the secret to weight loss? How can I lose weight fast? All the obvious ones answered here!

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Am very happy to find WLH!!!!

Hi everyone,

Just was doing a search and found this website, was going to click through but got caught reading - there is some great info here! Not sure how long its been around, but will definitely check out some more stuff and hopefully there will be more people sniffing around here soon! But so far, so good!! Will let you know what else would be good when i've spent more time here ;)


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Great to see some success on weight loss help!

The Weight Loss Help website is starting to hot up... great to see! To our regular contributors, keep up the great work. Let's make this the best site for getting weight loss help... add your ideas on below for things you would like to see on!

Recipe finder

A section with recipes and links to good recipes.