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Insane celebrity diets - do they work?

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I hear about a new celebrity diet every week, in fact the magazines are chock full of them! So what are the details of these diets, how can we follow them, and do they actually work?!!


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Say no to Fads

Generally the word 'diet' kills the inspiration as it is. A lot of diets that these celebrities follow are extreme and very hard to maintain. Remember that celebrities get paid thousands if not millions of dollars for looking good. And despite being thin - or even for those that aren't thin, they go to extreme measures to look good for the red carpet. And even then, those photos are touched up.
I know an A list celeb stylist and she has said that there are teams of up to 15 people working on one celeb at a time, pulling, pinning strapping, glueing... haha you name it.
Plus.. the number one diet in hollywood is actually cocaine and cigarettes. So it's not a very realistic following is it?
I'm sure if you all didn't eat and ate ADHD tablets etc all day, you'd probably run around on adrenaline and lose an easy 20kgs. But you could up in cardiac arrest. Sad really.

Speaking of healthy celeb diets... Jessica Simpson has been known to crash diet in the past, but most recently, lost about 8-10kgs through good old exercise (30min high intensity exercise daily (7 days)) and a meal plan similar to that of Lite and Easy or Jenny Craig. (Look up celeb trainer Harley Pasternak Factor Five Meal Plan for tips) Allowed herself one sweet treat a day (like a low sugar jelly) so that it was easier to maintain. She is known to be somewhat of a yo-yo dieter but has maintained her figure for nearly twelve months now. Say NO to fads and just be true to yourself.
A lifestyle change is the way to go rather than a crash diet that is only going to have you bingeing at the end of the day.