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Insane celebrity diets - do they work?

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I hear about a new celebrity diet every week, in fact the magazines are chock full of them! So what are the details of these diets, how can we follow them, and do they actually work?!!


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Jessica Simpson avoids sweets

Jessica Simpson

Skipped sweet treats to get her body back.

What she gave up: Jessica, 26, maintains her amazing body by saying no to creamy desserts like strawberry shortcake.

Kilojoules saved: Doing away with her post-dinner slice of cream-filled sponge cake saves Jess 810kj and 8.4g of fat.

Snack alternative: If you have a sweet tooth like Jess, you can still satisfy it by going for fresh fruit instead of baked goods. A cup of strawberries contains just 200kj and negligible fat. Add low-fat ice-cream and you have a yummy, healthy end to any meal.

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Hilary Duff cuts fat

Cut out fat by saying no to hot chips.

What she gave up: "I used to be obsessed with French fries," says the 18-year-old actress and singer. "I'm the biggest French fry person in the world." But Hilary managed to take the oily, salty snacks off her menu, and immediately saw the benefit. "I saw such a big difference so fast," she says.

Kilojoules saved: By giving up a 150g bucket of chips, Hilary saves 1255kj and 23g of fat a day.

Snack alternative: Instead of reaching for hot chips this winter, warm up with air-popped popcorn. It contains just 113kj and 0.3g of fat per cup, and is a light but satisfying snack.

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Beyoncé Knowles cut fat too

She ditched fried food.

What she gave up: Have you wondered why Beyoncé is looking so bootilicious these days? The 24-year-old traded in fried food for healthy vegies and lean meat. "My weakness is fried chicken," admits the chart-topping singer. "It's not easy being a Southern girl who loves good soul food." Beautiful Beyoncé has managed to transform her body. "I wanted to look different from myself," she says of her dramatic weight loss.

Kilojoules saved: By giving up just one piece of crumbed, fried chicken daily, Beyoncé has avoided 1800kj and 28g of fat.

Snack alternative: Steer clear of frying and go instead for a grilled chicken breast. It has only 460kj and 1g of fat.

Posh diet - thumbs down!

Victoria Beckham is supposed to be trying to get the Spice Girls to join her on her posh diet of seaweed and strawberries. New magazine says: "Victoria has told the girls her secret to staying trim is 200 sit-ups a day and a diet of soya edamame beans, strawberries and lettuce." In Look magazine it was reported that Victoria Beckham was drinking 2 pints of algae and seaweed shake every day.

I would stear clear of her diet, she looks like a half worn mop on a shiny stick (despite some great outfits), and if the spice girls have any chance of pulling off a reunion tour they better avoid her diet too!

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Posh Spice

I read that too! And I thought the would want to look like her!! I think she's nice and all, but certainly don't aspire to look like Posh. But on the celebrity good is Nicole Ritchie looking now she's pregnant? Best thing that happened to her I think.


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How Katie Holmes lost her Baby Weight

I just read an interview in Harpers with Katie Holmes, and she said she lost her baby weight by running. But she said she is a runner, and that she's always loved it, so not sure that it's something that I can just pick up now at this age! I must say, I much prefer a good fast walk, and find it works just as well. I guess the main thing was that she was doing some kind of vigorous exercise.

Love the celebrity tips though - bring them on!!

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Geri Halliwell - Ginger Spice!

On the other hand, not sure what to believe about Geri as she has a past of eating disorders, but she says she didn't go to the gym or anything after having her bub, but she did say she tried to eat healthy foods when she was pregnant and also still while she was breastfeeding, so guess she was on the right track. Hope Victoria doesn't lead her down the wrong path again!

Jennifer Hawkins Beach Body Secrets

I was just reading about Jennifer Hawkins in this weeks Woman's Day. She is so beautiful and has such an amazing body so thought we should all take note of her tips! Here is some of what she said:

"I love exercise but I also like to eat, so I really have to step up things a bit, espeically when I'm going to be in a bikini."
"When I'm working overseas I often put on around three extra kilos. I find it hard to keep healthy when there's so much great food around (and room service), so I really have to work to lose it when I get back."
Her routine includes getting out with her personal trainer several times a week doing yoga, pilates and cardio work.

Jennifer's approach is to keep her diet healthy. During winter, instead of tucking into rich comfort food, she ate chicken, fish and salads to maintain a bikini-ready body.
"Everyone is different but bread and dairy are my triggers for bloating...eating greasy, fatty food is a big no-no if you want a nice, flat stomach."
Jennifer also makes sure she has a good intake of water.
"When I first started my reign (as Miss Universe) I wasn't drinking enough water and my skin wasn't good."

Thanks Jen, sounds like perfect advice to be giving out to all of us struggling with body image - some of the Hollywood girls should take note, especially to this statement that she gave:

"You don't need to starve yourself to be beautiful."

Jennifer Hawkins Diet

Good on you Jen! She has got such a beautiful body, and obviously being in the spotlight means she does have to make more of an effort than the rest of us. Another great Aussie model is Megan Gale, who is often told she is too big for modelling. That is just crazy...she is such a beautiful girl with an amazing body. And she also always mentions that she has to work hard to get that body. Yet all the Hollywood girls always make out that it's natural to be size 0...yeah right!

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How Jessica Alba gets that body

That's what I am aiming for - a Jessica Alba body! I think she looks amazing, she's got that perfect balance. She's slim but not too skinny, she's got muscles and is toned but still has flesh on her bones too. Not sure what her diet is like (can only imagine it's pretty healthy) but I found her work out tips!

"I try to work out every day for 45 minutes. I start out on the treadmill for 10 to 15 minutes, I then do 50 lunges and crunches. Next I get back on the machine for another 10 minutes. Then I work on shoulders, biceps and triceps. I do that nonstop for four sets."

Now I know I am never going to look like her, no matter what I do. But I'm sure that if you did a work out like that every day too, it would have to make a huge difference. It's just committing to it...that's the hardest part.