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How are you currently trying to lose weight?


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trying my hardest

I am starting on my journey, and from the outset, man does it look daunting, and to be able to obtain my goal, mountianous!
But I do know that I can do it. It will take time, and baby steps in the beginning, but I know I will get there.
I am currently 154kgs! in a little frame (well, not at the moment that is) of 160 cm which equaits to 340lbs and 5ft 3inc in the old scale.
Its funny not funny ha ha, but funny odd, its sort of freeing to have my words out there, where anyone can see them.

Take care of yourselves

Good on you

Good on you chickyfeet! The more support the better! The good thing is that the biggest loser is on at the moment, whereas their methods are extreme (and they have medical supervision for the high intensity exercise that they partake in) it is inspiring to watch them go through the day to day challenges.

There are a lot of dietician run support groups around, if your doctor refers you to a community group, it is free of charge. It's a great way to sit down and discuss in open forum with others that are facing the same challenges as you, also, a dietician is sitting in the forum so can back up views or correct any misconceptions about food/additives anything that is going to impair you from reaching your goals!

All the best with everything mate! Chin up! Stay positive and know that you can do it!


I am doing a 30 program which is fantastic! its got a 5 day money back guarantee! if you dont lose inches around your waist and lose weight then you get your money back within 5 days! holy crap if thats not proof this program rocks then what the heck!! contact me on for more info! I will reply and each reply will be personal and confidential :):) Much love peoples!

Go for no Fads!

Finally I'm using a program that works. It's just fantastic. I don't concentrate on negative messages about food or exercise.. instead the focus is on me and how I can develop new skills. It's just so interesting what I'm learning about my eating and myself. And even better I'm losing weight... 15 kilo's so far... and counting! Yay! Sound like it may help you too? Go to