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Water - Keep Your Body Running Smoothly

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We often tend to overlook the simple solutions in life. Drinking lots of water to enhance our health, and help with fitness and weight loss falls into that category. Unfortunately, many of the health problems associated with inadequate water consumption do not manifest until years or even decades later! Water is necessary for everything our body does. I like to think of it as liquid's the HEALTHIEST thing you can consume!

Remember that you don't just need water when you feel fact, thirst is one of the signals that your body is dangerously low on water. You should rarely allow yourself to become thirsty. Drink 8 glasses of water daily, plus an additional 1 glass for every 15 kilogram overweight. Try this to help with your water consumption; get a large plastic water bottle that you can drink from. Fill it with water and put it in the freezer overnight. Take it with you the next can drink cold water all day as it melts. Start drinkin'!


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That is so true. I started

That is so true. I started drinking 2 litres of water a day and my pimples disappeared!!!!! :)

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Some more water tips!

I just can't imagine that we all lived without taking a bottle of water everywhere we went. I used to drink heaps of things like diet coke and diet cordial, and I did think this was OK. But after cutting down slowly, I now say I NEVER drink that stuff, just occasionally a real coke but I now am a water lover. If anyone isn't at that stage yet, PLEASE PLEASE make the switch - you will feel so much better. I actually find it hard to drink cold water, prefer to have a bottle filled all the time - one at home and one at work. At work they have proper filtered water so I just fill it up but at home I use a Brita Filter - not sure how good it is but it tastes good to me!

And I always make sure I have it beside me when I go to bed, have a bit sip before I go to sleep then drink the rest when I wake up. Another tip - buy a sports drink once and they make great bottles that can also go in the dishwasher - not sure which one it was but its really solid plastic and also 600mls (so i get that bit extra per bottle). I saw a thing on TV once that said it's OK to wash and re-use bottles but you just have to make sure they are washed with detergent and also make sure you do the lid too.

Cheers, (I do still like the odd glass of red wine too!)