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Basic Rules of Women's Health

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You may be amazed to discover that so many aspects of women's health can be controlled by a healthy diet. There are studies to prove everything from PMS and Menopause to breast cancer can be reduced when you follow a healthy diet. This being the case, we need to find a way to raise awareness of womens health.

When you look back at womens health over the centuries, I believe we were never in such a privileged position. Although there are aspects of womens health that have become worse, generally we are living a great life. In Australia, we have access to all the latest information, and as a result are living longer. In comparison, you look at the levels of womens health of our neighbouring countries, where they have no access to the health care and even the basic needs of live like clean water.

On the other hand, we are spending a fortune on "miracle cures" and bottled water, yet we still don't understand the basic rules of womens health care. Lets take a look at them.


1. You must increase your intake of fruit and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetables are the major source of nutrients, and are critical for maintaining womens health. You need to be eating at least 3-5 servings of fruit and 6-10 servings of vegetables. This will contribute towards a reduction in a vast majority of womens disease.

2. You must exercise It is imperative that you increase your exercise levels. We know womens health is improved with regular exercise. You need to be combining both cardio and weight bearing exercise for full benefits to womens health. So try to lift some weights, do something like yoga and also brisk walking to cover all areas needed for good health.

3. You must find inner peace Of all the things necessary for womens health, this is probably the least recognised. It may be because most reports are written by men, but I cannot stress the importance of self worth in looking at a womens health. The way you feel about yourself has a direct connection to a womens body, and you will find a lot of diseases occur after some kind of emotional trauma. We must help women understand their own needs, and guide them towards a suitable method of doing this.

There is one Program available which does this. The Betalife Program guides you towards a positive approach to womens health. It covers food choices to reduce disease, ways to get maximum benefit from exercise and also some really powerful methods to increase self worth and love.

All these have an amazing effect on womens health, and are necessary for the wellbeing of all. We should be encouraged to find out more, so we can be providing a good example to our daughters. It is a crime to be living in an age of advanced information, yet still neglecting the basics of wellbeing and womens health.