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The Ultimate Calorie Counter

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A comprehensive and accurate calorie counter to be used before eating any food, whether in a café or at home, is the ultimate tool of the dieter. Too bad they are wasting the rest of their lives living a mundane life carrying the calorie counter and not enjoying the food they love!

It is easy to lose weight and throw away the calorie counter at the same time. Actually, throwing away the calorie counter will help you lose weight! There are many reasons for this, and it is only now after a couple of decades of calorie counter madness that we are finally seeing the light.

You see the calorie counter is focussed on restricting energy in their life and not on health. Wait a second, don't you need to exercise to lose weight? Well fat chance the calorie counter has, as they have reduced energy and anything is a struggle. Why would you want less energy? For the average calorie counter they are getting less energy than their basal metabolic rate requires. This means lethargy and tiredness, something that a regular calorie counter often experiences.

By being focussed on the calorie counter, most dieters miss out of nutrition and health. For successful long term weight loss nutrition and health are essential. If you want to throw away the calorie counter and enjoy your food again you should look at the Betalife Program. The Program guides you through ways to fast, effective and permanent weight loss without having to be a calorie counter.


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Some good advice.

Some good advice.

Calories Schmalories

Yeah look at Calorie counter Victoria Beckham. She lives off strawberries and bloody boiled beans. Gotta be fun at dinner time for twiggy Vicki. Thats dedication for you. Won't keep her face from sagging. That girl needs to eat some avocado, some nuts and some oily fish.

Yeah, I really hope that she

Yeah, I really hope that she keeps a nutritionist, this could bring her back on this planet. I don't find her beautiful because she is so skinny and obviously she is not feeling beautiful or happy, she always want to loose more weight. I think it's time to worry about her as I got the feeling her anorexia won't stop too soon. She could use some nutrients...
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