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How to Breakdown Fat

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For years we have been hearing the same things about fat - cut down on fat, low fat, no fat, good fat, bad fat. So which is it? Is fat a friend or a foe?

Since we introduced the idea of low fat eating, we have slowly grown even more fat as a nation. Take a look around the supermarket and you will be bombarded by low fat or no fat products. Another catch phrase is baked not fried, trying to make you think a product contains no fat. Yet these products can still contain up to 10% fat.

So the question still remains, by eating these fat free or low fat products, or by cutting down on other fat, are we going to lose weight or become healthier?

The Betalife Program recommends you really know which fat is good and which fat is bad before you start cutting fat out. There are so many fats that are extremely beneficial to health and weight loss. This fat is found in foods like fish, avocado, nuts and olive oil. A bad fat is the white fat in animal products. You should try to limit bad fat by eating meat trimmed of fat, reduce butter and margarine usage, and cutting down on all oils other than extra virgin olive oil. These products contain a lot of bad fat.

As for the low fat products, leave them on the shelf. The companies are often replacing the fat with hideous amounts of sugar, which is not going to make you less fat! In fact, the increase in sugar will have the opposite effect and actually make even more fat in your body. Give yourself a break from the "diet" treadmill and stick with regular fat products in moderation.

The main thing to remember when looking at fat in regard to weight loss and health is a little fat in moderation is not going to hurt you. I certainly wouldn't call every fat a friend to dieters, but it's definitely not the enemy we thought it was. So don't be scared, make sure you indulge in lots of good fat every day!