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Like Atkins Diet? Wait till you try Betalife!

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It is now a proven fact. Certain carbohydrates can make you stack on the kilos. But sometimes you are not given all the facts!

The Atkins diet has been used for a long time. It is now getting credit for helping lots of people lose weight. The Atkins diet can do this, and the reason is reducing certain carbohydrates.

What the Atkins diet doesn't tell you is high fat intake might still be bad for you. You might be interested to know why this is. The Atkins diet says not to eat certain grains (a carbohydrate). This is because they increase your blood sugar levels and store the excess as fat. Saturated unsightly fat.

Yet the big problem with the Atkins diet is it says to eat lots of animal fat. This may have been okay many years ago, when cows ate grass in the pasture. But check any farm these days. The animals eat feed, specifically all the grains that we are not supposed to eat on the Atkins diet! So the cows get all that saturated fat, and then we eat the cow!

A small amount of animal fat might not hurt too much, but the amounts recommended in the Atkins diet can do nasty things to your health. So unless you can turn the clock back to 1920, be very careful following the Atkins diet.

So what can I do to lose weight?

Try the Betalife Program. It has the best parts of Atkins diet and covers how to reduce carbohydrates for fast and permanent weight loss. It covers all carbohydrates, the good, the bad and the downright ugly! Actually it is better than Atkins because it covers everything to lose weight, including how to stay motivated and how to boost metabolism. It is a compete weight loss solution.