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The Carbohydrate Confusion

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It used to be so easy. If you wanted to lose weight you cut down on fat. So a bowl of pasta and some focaccia was okay, as long as you went easy on the meat sauce and salami. There was only one problem. People kept getting fatter!

Then it was realised some carbohydrates can actually make you fat. The low carb revolution was upon us. But still there is confusion. It turns out some carbohydrates are good, and some are bad. It comes down to the impact of that particular carbohydrate on insulin levels in your body. Extra insulin not used in the body is turned into fat!

Benn Newton (BA Psychology) the Director of Research for Betalife says, "When we first released the Betalife Program in 1999 people questioned our approach to carbohydrates. Since then, the overwhelming majority has confirmed through research and anecdotal evidence that reducing certain carbohydrates can significantly speed weight loss."

"Having said this, it is important to note that not all carbohydrates react the same way in the body." Newton adds. "Most low carb diets I have read in magazines only give you part of the story about carbohydrates. In the program we detail exactly which carbohydrates to avoid and which ones are okay."

"It is important to note also that fruit and vegetables are in fact carbohydrates. As such the low carb mentality does need some explanation. Removing all carbohydrates from your diet can do more harm than good."