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Enjoy Your Fruits and Vegetables!

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Last summer, a lady called me about her frustrating attempts at weight loss. She said she had gone from diet to diet for over 25 years...only to end up fatter and with a slower metabolism after each 'diet'. We talked for a long time, but the gist of it was this; I told her to 'dump the diets' and start focusing on pursuing fitness and health. We talked about a few fruits and vegetables
she really liked. We talked about all the benefits we get from fruits and vegetables and how we forget how good they really taste...because we're bombarded with fat-laden foods day after day.

She mentioned that she reeeeeally liked tomatoes... which also happens to be a favourite of mine. I mean I'm a tomato fanatic. I absolutely love them! I grow several varieties in my backyard and several types of cherry tomatoes indoors when it's too cold outside! So, we had quite a conversation about tomatoes.

We talked about her focusing her eating on some fruits and vegetables she really liked and doing some creative things with tomatoes. I also told her to start walking EVERY morning...even if it was only 10 or 15 minutes some
mornings, but to try to get 30 to 45 minutes in every day. I also told her to do a basic weight training program at home with dumbells.

Well, I hadn't heard from her in nine months and she called me last week. She's lost 22 kilogram in nine months. She said she focused on some fruits and vegetables she likes, but went crazy with fresh tomatoes. She used over
10 healthy recipes that use lots of tomatoes...she even ate tomato hash browns (without oil) and tomato sandwiches for breakfast sometimes! She was so excited and said she has never felt so good in her life!

Now, I'm NOT suggesting that you only eat one or two foods, but I am suggesting that you find the delicious fruits and vegetables that you like and a few that you REALLY like... and focus on these wonderful foods. These are the REAL, naturally low fat foods that we should be eating! We've forgotten how good so many fruits and veggies really taste...yes even without fat-laden sauces, cheeses, butter, etc. I challenge you to rediscover the delicious fruits and vegetables you really like. Cook a huge pot of several veggies you
like...they'll be available all week, without a lot of preparation time when you're hungry. Maybe mix them with some brown rice and squeeze some fresh lemon juice over them... there's nothing better! You can do the same with fruits. Make a big fruit salad with three or four fruits you enjoy. Keep it in the fridge for quick access when you're hungry.

By Hugh Davidson

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