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The Best Diet Food

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So what's for dinner at your house tonight…fish and salad, chicken stir-fry or steak and vegies? These are the options facing many families as they come home from a long, weary day at work, yet now added to these choices you may find a frozen lasagne or simply a milkshake. Diet milkshake that is.

It seems diet food is one of the latest weight loss methods people are choosing to overcome the rising obesity levels. Yet to those of us who have tried the diet foods, you would have to wonder why we would chose to substitute a healthy, regular meal with diet food.

The biggest reason people will eat this diet food has nothing to do with taste. It is an unhealthy desire to lose weight at all costs, with minimum effort. The simple convenience of grabbing the diet food from the kitchen already prepared is too tempting for many. Unfortunately, so is the snack food they turn to an hour later, as they crave 'real food'.

Unless the body has received adequate nutrition, you will keep craving food. The Betalife Program dispels the need for any kind of diet food. They recommend you always eat a good meal, which will not only give you the nutrition you require, but also satisfy your desire to eat.

Diet foods have also infiltrated the supermarket shelves, causing more damage than we realise. These diet foods are often filled with artificial sweeteners, excess sugars or other undesirable additives in order to call them 'diet foods'. Diet food is also usually a little heavier on the wallet!

We have placed so much emphasis on diet food and calorie restriction in this country, yet we are still to understand the basics of nutrition. Instead of reaching for the milkshake for dinner, leave the diet foods behind. The fish and salad will be a much better option. As they say, mother nature knows best.